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Stories from Nepal

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Chance for Change and Restless Development teamed up with Handheld Stories to make these workshops a reality. In April of 2014, Handheld traveled to Sundrawati to offer a several students the chance to tell their own stories. After only a few days of intensive learning, this small group of students opened a window to their world – offering a glimpse of life in rural Nepal that only they could offer.

The Handheld team also spent time in the village of Simardahi, Nepal. To learn more and see some amazing portraits of the villagers, click here.


Juna Thami’s First Film

A painful reality for many rural Nepali women.

Suraj – The Raksi Tradition

Having a drink after a hard day's work is a pastime that is shared by

Subitra – Alcohol and the Family

A longstanding tradition, yet devastating for the family.